Total collapse of WADDANI regime

maqaal1411Although the oldest party in Somaliland kulmiye schools the youngest party waddani and its puppet outgrown UCID party combined. Its influence goes far beyond the other two. The reason is clear: sense of belonging and mutual respect. kulmiye is gaining momentum never seen before. Hordes of key political players in the sense and many people resigns from waddani party after they saw what is the true face of waddani. What’s left of waddani party?.

The secret for Wadani party collapses isn’t a secret. And it can be summarized in one word: kulmiye ruling party!. kulmiye party is JUSTICE, party rules apply to all from top to bottom without clannish agenda. The news had spread and heavyweight politicians of integrity flooded to the party to contribute expertise and finance while waddani bribes voters with monies and fake supports parties without portfolios!. A candidate of minority background declared as running mate for the presidential candidate. The continued escape and massive defection of the opposition party waddani core players reflects maladministration by the party. Trying to fool smart voters, irro of waddani candidate says “had I been the president, things would be better unless civil war will be the next in this county”.

Hargaysa 60% ,Sanag 55%, Gabilay 95% ,Togdheer 65%, Saaxil 70%, Hawd 50%, Awdal 40%, sool 80%r egions are predominantly pro-kulmiye party voters.

Would this escape of cadres from the party of waddani be a wakeup call and prod to reform its policies and make overall reshuffle at the least to prevent from further escape or would they bury their heads in the sand until the last one runs away? Only time will tell. but waddani is in deep hole and he will lose any upcoming elections.

waddani’s so-called Campaign Manifesto was full of lies, deceptions ,false pledges and promises.. The delirious and confused the voters headed by the unfit party leaders such as waddani, corrupt and dreamy. The incumbent  waddani party lacks leadership. waddani is sailing in a ship without obvious captain (candidate) and without a clear navigator (Vice president) and may sink soon.waddani Party is a coalition of convenience and within a year on the helm it fell apart, failed and disintegrated.

Somaliland public has their support towards Kulmiye and his candidate muuse bihi.  People from all walks of life and from every region of Somaliland are joining kulmiye Party in their thousands on daily basis. It is the Rise of KULMIYE PARTY and down fall and total collapse of WADDANI regime party.

By Khadar Ibrahim


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